Suits to bring out the James Bond in you

The suit is neither the everyday uniform of the normal city worker nor what most men wear when dining out at a fine restaurant or when going to the theatre. The suit is not, at this point the image of regard that it used to be. So for what reason does, James Bond wear a suit constantly? Because this traditional menswear choice is naturally smart and gives a perfect look for a classy and exquisite gentleman. Right from international brands like Burberry, to Loro Piana, to Missoni, they all have been giving us the best looks for suave and classy James Bond like man. 

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Courtesy: Loro Piana

Courtesy: Burberry


Let us have a look at some of the hottest looks of the season.


This super amazing black coloursuit with a mandarin collar is an ideal choice if you prefer to have a sharp and confident style quotient. This basic, round style of collar is quite literally timeless. It has made its imprint throughout the planet is as yet a man's design staple. Join the rankings of honorability and discover why the mandarin collar suit merits your look the next time you have a unique event. The red touch-up on pockets offers the suit a high style rate which is difficult to ignore.


While light and washed-out blues are ideal for daytime occasions during the hotter months, a bright blue tone, for example, a midnight blue is more qualified for evening functions. This smart suit for men in blue tone is perfect for evening wear for a very flawless look. Picking a blue tone is an extraordinary method to add somewhat delight and uniqueness to your style quotient.

Be the best-dressed man in the room wearing this stunning red coloured suit that will bring out the suave and wild side of you. Whether you are attending a friend's bachelor party or just dazzling the women at an office party, nothing speaks louder than an eye-catching outfit. Crafted from teri wool, this suit ticks all the checkpoints of a stylish and comfortable outfit. 

An age-old symbol of style for quite a long time, the suit remains as the genuine sign of status, esteem, and class. It lends honourable men everywhere in the world a feeling of dignity and importance that different pieces of clothing can't. From ready to wear to customized, from the fit to the texture and the manner in which it is built, the standardized suit can be crafted in a million tempting manners. Be sure to order yours from our huge collection of the latest suits.